Monday, February 18, 2008

Boys and Girls

Parents. Gotta love ‘em.

Daughter has started T-ball and had her first practice last weekend. We had prepared for this by obtaining various tools that she’d need – like a glove, bat, bat-bag, etc. and hoped that they’d have helmets. When we received her team’s information and met for their first practice we noticed that, to our horror, she was the only girl on the team!


Naturally we were proud to watch her match the boys in many aspects and wallop the ball off the tee just as well as some of the others, but we wanted her to stick out. Like all parents do, I guess. But mostly because she was the only girl and Wife wanted to spread GIRLPOWER all over the field.

So afterwards we went to the sports store and spent a large sum of money on pink and purple gear (helmet since theirs were only blue and black, balls, cleats that have pink accents, and a mitt that was a correct size). So now, when she gets up to hit, play defense, or just hang out with the boys, she’ll be a standout. Because we’re shamelessly promoting that OUR DAUGHTER IS THE BEST!

Where’s that parenting certificate?


Doc's Girl said...

awww...too cute. :)

EE said...

Hehe. That's awesome!

Cody said...

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