Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Don't Heart Today

Valentine’s Day. God, what a waste of time and money.

Let’s consider some of the inevitable, if not blatantly stated, perceptions about this “holiday”.

1) If you are a woman you expect to receive some romantic display of affection, even if that display is just a repeat of last years. As such you can expect to be disappointed more often than not.
2) Men don’t know how to be romantic anymore – we wait till the last minute and buy flowers and chocolates from the grocers.
3) Jewelry stores make a killing off stupid, cheap, and unoriginal heart shaped “diamond” necklaces and charms as men try to find something that doesn’t take a lot of time to do, but will get them some points.
4) If you receive said jewelry, expect that the person delivering it wants you to reciprocate physically. It’s the oldest exchange of goods in the book: money or valuables for sex.
5) Relationships on a somewhat rocky ground will be brought down by this one day.
6) Many people think that this day is special and should be used to cherish your loved one. Those of us who have been with their loved one for more than a few months know of much better ways and times to demonstrate their affection than to capitulate to the card gods on 2/14.
7) A lot of people hate Valentine’s Day.

Wife and I are of the #6 variety. We exchange cards, chocolates (since Wife really wants those every year), and will do something out of the ordinary for each other. Tonight I plan on cooking more than my usual spaghetti or hamburger dishes, but I won’t go overboard as I have in the past. I had thought about taking us to a fancy dinner, but Daughter came down with a fever and cough (again) yesterday and would have forced us to stay home anyway.

Personally I hate Valentine’s Day, but I’ll say it anyway – Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


Anonymous said...

Just imagine how much you will hate Valentine's Day AFTER the divorce...

Old MD Girl said...
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JeanMac said...

We always have a stay-at-home special dinner. Tonight is no different. But keep up the cards - this is the first year in 43 that we didn't buy cards as he can no longer sign them - glad I saved all his past cards! Happy Valentine's Day to you and your wife!

Bostonian in NY said...

Two anon divorce comments in consecutive posts...original.

GF sent me this link:

Mel said...

I had to collect my jaw off the floor when I walked past my local florist. Prices had increased two-fold to coincide with the day and yet business was roaring.

My one day off in two weeks was peppered by having to bear witness to very tasteless and very public displays of "affection".

Happy V-day to you and your wife. I hope you two enjoyed the at-home dinner.

Doc's Girl said...

I hate this holiday, too, with a passion. Those jewelry commercials just make me roll my eyes...

The bf and I use this day to splurge on calories and eat whatever the heck we want to eat. :) I think it's a good way to celebrate. :-P

The bf and I both chuckled while reading #5. :-D

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