Thursday, February 28, 2008

Please, Not There

Wife has talked about getting another tattoo. She’s received a couple since we’ve been together, the first being the day before we got married, but I’m a little hesitant about the location she wants to have one placed.

You see, I’ve seen a lot of trashy people in the hospital where I’ve rotated through the most. Several women have tattoos of hearts, roses, etc. on various parts of their bodies – but the most trashy always had at least one on their ankle or breast (sometimes on both or multiple). I began to associate a tattoo around the ankle or breast as a sign of a white trash ho or a ghetto bitch, regardless of the level of class the person sporting the tattoo evoked.

Wife wants to get one on her ankle. I’ve told her my reason for not wanting her to get one there and she’s laughed at it. Apparently there are many women who get them on their ankles, but it still looks trashy to me. She’s also stated that I shouldn’t be one to talk since my tattoos are all of a rather trashy sort (I guess demons and skulls aren’t the most friendly looking) and I’m being a hypocrite.

Despite that rather sound argument, I've not received any since I was 18 and wouldn't get anything similar now. I've matured...a little.

Sigh…I just wish that she didn’t want to get one there. And if that’s how I think, Lord knows how others view them.


Liz said...

haha. I really want one of my family coat of arms on my ribs. Especially if i take my husband's last name eventually. He has threatened to divorce me if i ever get one (he's joking, i hope!!) and he calls tattoos "Tramp Stamps." Especially the ones girls have on the small of their back.

Old MD Girl said...

This made me laugh. On the breast -- I'm totally with you there. I think the ankle can look pretty nice though. And you don't have to worry about sagging.

You should be grateful she's not getting one that says, "MSG+Wife 4EVR."

M said...

I'd put off getting a tattoo because I'd believed some rubbish about being inelligible to donate blood after getting one. I'll be getting an asclepius rod tattooed to my lower abdomen/hip. (If that's not trashy, I don't know what is.)

Arguments for a tattoo are useless in the face of social stigma-- body art is subversive on principle. My main concern would be how it'd be viewed professionally, rather than socially. Have yours ever posed a problem for you?

In any case, if there comes a time when someone's opinion of your wife's ankle really matters, there are always special concealers.

Bostonian in NY said...

My girlfriend brings up this topic about three times a year or so, but just can't pull the trigger after I remind her that "If you want to have kids, getting the Red Sox B tattooed on your abdomen is not going to go so well. Plus you'll look like Dorchester white trash if you brand yourself with a freaking sports logo. And don't you want it to actually mean something when you have to explain it to people?"

I have no problem of tattoos, unless they are just meaningless to the receiver or downright obnoxious. If you want to tattoo a plate of bacon and eggs on your scalp, that's pretty sweet unless you were just bored and decided that you wanted to dump $1000 into body art instead of paying your freaking medical insurance/cell phone bill/mortgage. Those dolphins jumping out of your cleavage may look "sexy" to you now, but you're going to look like an ass when you're 60 and they're unrecognizable blobs.

Ankle tats can be classy, as long as it's not the standard "tiny rose/dolphin behind the lateral maleolus" that you usually see on the girlfriends of the members of Hell's Angels. Two of the coolest tats I've seen on women were a high-ankle Bob Marley quote (on a hipster) and an intricate vine design that went from the ankle down over the top of the foot (on a law student).

Richard said...

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