Friday, February 15, 2008

Dead Blogs

I'm toying with the idea of eliminating some of the blogs on my blogroll for being dead. I prefer to think of a blog as being dead if it hasn't had activity in 2 or more months and have a few on my list that meet or are close to meeting this criteria. Plus I've noticed that there are some blogs that aren't necessarily dead, but I just don't enjoy them as much anymore. We've grown apart, I guess.

So here's a fair warning to those blogs: you know who you are and you need to post something before next week...or off with your head!


Anonymous said...

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Y. S. said...

Do you mind adding my blog to your Blogroll? Don't worry I'm planning on staying in the sphere for a while!

MSG said...


I can't say that I will or will not. I usually have to read a blog for sometime before I'll add it - so I'll check your's out. I have some specificities for me that are a little neurotic (like the layout has to be pleasing to my eye, not a lot of crap on the dises, etc.).

aannttiiiittnnaa said...

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Nicholas said...

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