Monday, February 11, 2008

Like A Fat Big Bird

Did anyone watch the Grammys last night?

Ok, I know, they always suck and the most pop trendy at the time walks away with awards as if they're the second coming of Christ. Or they applaud the hell out of drug addicted minor talents - because they show "courage" in defying lawful behavior. I get that.

But I wanted to know...did anyone see Aretha Franklin perform? In that yellow dress?

Personally I'd think twice about wearing a color that doesn't hide anything - especially when the only time you put down the fork is to pick up the microphone. God that woman is BIG!

I couldn't find a picture of it - yet - so I picked up this one. Imagine a yellow dress instead of this blue one and that's about what you'd have seen. Damn scary.


ladyk said...

A fat Big bird? Okay that is just mean. Why is it okay to make fun of obese people?

MedStudentGod (MSG) said...

It's not, but I find them frustrating as hell and like to make fun to ease concern with them. You see, as a future anesthesiologist and current medical student who's worked hard getting access on people with, well, largess, obesity is dangerous.

Obese people are harder to take care of, place life saving lines into, intubate, get into CTs and MRIs (it's scary when you can't fit someone into a scanner and they're crumping), and perform CPR. They're more likely to have medication complications, be more tolerant, or develop overdose effects related to drugs being stored in their fat deposits and leaking out slowly. Basically, obesity is, for the most part, based on laziness and should be avoided as much as possible. The larger you are, the more sick you tend to get.

Doc's Girl said...

Aretha is an incredibly rude, disrespectful person.

I met her back in the day when I worked at a semi-upscale restaurant. She wears all of these fancy dresses to these award shows but, in real life, she dresses like a homeless person in a faded and stained black sweatsuit that I wished could have been baggy. (I saw every curve, unfortunately.) :(

Her wig was also lopsided. Fun, fun.

Ladyk, please adjust your screen because, let's face it, Aretha is a big woman. It's not like she's a size 12 or 16. I think even she knows it, too.